5 Things You Need To Know Before Launching a SEO Campaign

Regardless of whether the seasons change dramatically or simply go unnoticed in your city, seasonal events and celebrations present multiple opportunities for different business sectors. For many brands, the growth opportunities during the various seasons are enormous and are generally key moments in their fiscal year.

However, planning an effective seasonal campaign takes a lot of time and organization, so smaller brands often miss these opportunities without making the most of them.

The Ad Firm team would like to help you never miss an opportunity to connect with your audience and take advantage of continuous interaction during a specific season, and for this we have collected some need to knows before launching a SEO Campaign.

  1. Choose the right season

When choosing a season that serves as a starting point for your campaign, it is important that you think strategically. If your audience isn’t attracted to a particular season, you’re unlikely to get good results from a campaign that focuses on that specific season.

  1. Refine the message

Just like any other marketing campaign, the message of your seasonal campaign is extremely important. To create it, you must take into account the following:

  • The customer journey and the message you want to convey.
  • The emotions you want to provoke in your audience.
  • A call to action or the next steps you want to encourage to do.

If we analyze the message, this campaign covered all the important points that we have mentioned before.

  • The customer journey and the message you want to convey: The message focuses on acquiring new customers and highlights the universal importance of heart health.
  • The emotions you want to provoke in your audience: in this case, the feeling is love.
  • A call to action or the next steps you want to encourage to do: request a free sample.
  1. Organize a program

Time is of the essence in seasonal campaigns. This not only means that you must plan the event well in advance, but also that you must plan the execution of each stage of the campaign at the right time.

When creating a program for your campaign, don’t forget your audience. When would be the best time to contact them? When would they be more willing to share the content or interact with the campaign? That is something you should also plan for.

  1. Organize your materials

You should take into account all your marketing platforms (email, social media, public relations, blogging, SEO, etc.) when planning your seasonal content campaign, as the incorporation of different platforms in the campaign will result in a effective content flow, greater reach and more interactions.

  1. Analyze your campaign and be flexible

Flexibility is essential when managing and planning a marketing campaign. Analyze and review campaign performance as you go, and adjust your strategy if you think it’s necessary.

Don’t be afraid to make some changes to the original plans. If you are sure that these changes will contribute to the overall success of the campaign, why not make them? Remember that it does not matter if it is not the original plan.…

Best Furnitures To Have In Your Business Local

Establishments to enjoy food and drinks of all tastes and budgets are increasingly popular in large and small cities. If we travel through main avenues and within neighbourhoods and residential areas, we can show that businesses such as restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, cafes and bars, meet the specific needs of different types of customers according to different time slots. Even if we reflect further, it is not unreasonable to think that there are people who could consume in all five types of businesses during the same day.

For each of these establishments, there is a piece of specific furniture that provides a unique experience in terms of comfort level, frequency of use and resistance. So, if you are about to open a business like those mentioned, or to remodel the one you already have, then we share ten options available at Value Builders so that your restaurant, cafeteria, bakery, coffee or bar, have the furniture most requested by customers today.

  1. Aluminium chair

This is the ideal chair if your business has areas in outdoor spaces (food platforms, balconies, viewpoints) for its versatility in terms of material, design and resistance in extreme conditions of sun and water. It is usually put together with stainless steel tables designed for the same spaces. It is also possible to find it in beverage kiosks next to swimming pools in recreational centres and hotels.

  1. Poly Tuli Armchair

This chair is perfect for those who manage the premises or are operating the cashier or a payment point. It has variable heights, and its design helps maintain a correct posture. Additionally, it has a comfortable 360-degree rotation and footrest for user comfort.

  1. Round steel table

This table is usually accompanied by the chair in aluminium and can be found both in outdoor and indoor spaces. Being relatively heavy, it becomes safe and stable furniture, highly resistant to all kinds of uses and very easy to clean. Its circular design allows more people to approach their chair and join the group to share the moment. It is also usually found in pool areas, so that people can sit for light drinks, leaving light objects on top while they take a break for swimming, or if instead, they wait for someone who will soon leave the water to come to share with them.

  1. Table bases

If you want to go much further, personalizing and decorating the surface of the tables for your room, we can offer you solid bases such as the chromed Kappa, the chromed Step and the Delta Metal table base, depending on the materials and colours you choose and also the type of floor your business has.

  1. Retro Restaurant Chair

This is one of the most comfortable and recommended chairs for restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. Designed with those frequent customers who find in your business the ideal place to talk, read or meet to work in groups, always trying a different drink from the menu and without worrying about the passage of time.

  1. Cafeteria chair Spain

This chair is one of the most used in coffee shops, bakeries and fast-food restaurants. Its great success is because it is light and very easy to clean. Combines with different types of decorations and tables that do not necessarily have to be metallic.

  1. Bar seats

If your store has a consumption bar, we have several types of seats so you can decide which one best matches the style you are looking for. They are designed to be easily displaced if required in another area of ​​the premises. That same feature makes them also used in events such as private parties, family gatherings, inaugurations and cocktails. If you want to choose which of the five types you want to wear, let us advise you about colours, materials and styles according to the aesthetics and personality of your business.

  1. Marly chair

This chair is synonymous with sobriety and comfort. It adapts easily to different types of environments thanks to its different presentation colours. It is highly resistant, so there is no problem if you move to courtyards, balconies or outdoor food courts. If you are remodelling or updating your business, let us help you choose the type of table that best suits your Marly chairs in terms of material and colour.

  1. Wimpy structures

If you have a fairly large place and have already decided how you will distribute the space and the different ways in which customers will visit and explore it, then Wimpy structures are the best option in fixed furniture, if we consider durability, traffic or frequency of use, resistance and ease of cleaning. They can be found indoors or outdoors, depending on the need of your business.

  1. Mint Coffee Table

It is a sober table that can be used in different places and types of decoration. It is usually found in cafes and bakeries. Inside companies, it can be used in salons and private cafes so that staff can consume light drinks, snacks, institutional snacks, or even to enjoy food that is already prepared in order to heat it during lunch hours. Thanks to its multifunctionality it can also be used for the purpose of reading, writing or filling out documents, both in offices and at home.

We hope you liked our ten recommendations and can implement them soon in your business. In addition to these options, we have others that can help you find the style and atmosphere you are looking for. At Value Builders, we are always willing to advise you and work with you to design the image of your store!…

Ghostbed is a Better Choice Than Purple Mattress Their CEO Said

The number of mattress companies on the Internet has multiplied in recent years and rightly so. After all, it is one of the most important elements when it comes to sleeping well. Now there are dozens of companies that promise luxury and quality just by clicking. You can find everything so you can make sure you’re sleeping as well as possible. And they are mattresses that are delivered directly to your door, so you don’t even have to leave the house to buy them.

You’ve probably heard of Mattress Battle. One of the first-bed mattress companies for direct sale to the consumer and boxed, Mattress Battle offers foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses that have received several awards.

Below is a great comparison between Ghostbed and purple mattress, two of the greatest mattresses of the company Mattress Battle.

Purple mattress

Purple lines 6 – 6.5 on the durability scale of 10, with anyone up to 150 pounds considering a staunchness of only a 6, while the sleepers on the more difficult side could feel an extra 0.5 raise in the score.

The grid influence of Purple enables it to have great cooling effects, making it the most powerful contender in the mattress business. The hyper-elasticity of the polymer coating allows unbelievable airflow throughout the mattress, thus equipping it with a verified and equaled cooling outcomes.

Although Ghostbed has a high response time, its Latex is no competition for the polymer coating employed in Purple’s mattresses. So, if you’re all in for the bounce, you should apparently go with Purple.


Ghostbed’s sinkage is different, because it feels hard in the beginning but is responsive to soften up. It gives constant strength and support related to other mattresses in the business.

If you are someone who enjoys the “hugging-the-mattress” feel, Ghostbed might be the most suitable selection for you. The Latex in the top panel gives the mattress a nice bounce, great support, and superior pressure-relieving results, while the memory foam cover below gives comfort and contouring of the sleeper.

Though the elements in the three layers are complex, they are all foam. This gives a more classic feel for this sleeper and is an excellent option for those who are all for regular foam mattresses.

With a figure that’s almost $300 lower than the Purple mattress for a Queen size, Ghostbed can spare you a lot of cash. At an affordable price, Ghostbed has great advantages and comfort levels that are surely worth the price.

With a 20-year warranty, Ghostbed has the highest guarantee in the business for ten years.

The Verdict

Overall, the Ghostbed mattress accomplishes very well for those who are looking for a complete foam mattress at an affordable rate. Purple, though, offers a different experience with its superior cooling mechanisms, good stability, and pressure-relieving systems. But, in the end, the choice is up to you to take the mattress that best fits your demands.…