Blog Writer Study: Marketing And Approach

We just recently carried out a blog writer study to get a feel for blogging routines. Ideally, you’ll also find out a bit about how the study marketing worked.

1.How’d we do it? Was our approach legit?

2.How can you do it? Is this marketing reliable?


1.Since we discover it fascinating, we frequently develop content. In this case, we were a bit more tactical.

2.Produce initial research study on a subject that is regularly talked about, however hardly ever studied: the effort that enters into blogging. This research study would make our website a resource for individuals who need this information, increasing our essential significance online.

3.Reconnect with numerous contacts and old buddies.

4.Construct relationships with blog writers and make brand-new pals!


The variety of participants relative to the overall population figures out the analytical significance. We genuinely do not understand the number of self-identified “blog writers” there remain in the world. However, we presumed 1 million.

The study required at least 1000 participants to have a 3% margin of mistake with 90%+ certainty if there are a million blog writers. We used this tool to do that estimation.

We desired to make the study short; however, it still provide us genuine insight into the work that goes into blogging. A couple of even recommended we include concerns next time.

Getting the Word Out: Strength

Getting the word out was a load work. We do not have active social media networks, so we used the “strength” approach of personally connecting to blog writer pals.

We discovered more blog writers by scrolling through thousands of connections on LinkedIn, Google+, and previous guests of our occasions. These were not template-based e-mails.

We sent out 233 individual messages through e-mail and LinkedIn, welcoming individuals to react, and asking pleasantly if they would share. A few of these e-mails consisted of an image, which they might utilize if they shared on social media.

We right away found out two things: substantial individual outreach is robust, and it’s enjoyable. It was excellent to reconnect with a lot of good old friends. Astonishingly, among those discussions turned towards sales and will likely end up being a lead.

As soon as it’s life, the other advantage of the outreach is that the list for possible participants is also the list of individuals to share it with. We grew this list as we kept sharing, including individuals who asked to see the results once the study was total.

Other promo methods, with their results and expenses, were as follows:

1.LinkedIn Advertisements

2.$ 119.97 = 37 clicks (6,141 impressions).

3.Facebook Advertisements.

4.$ 30.00 = 98 actions (9,124 paid reach).

5.Thank you page/ send out to a pal function.

6.3 hours = 28 e-mail shares.

We didn’t think about any of these to be extremely useful.

Time Invested

The very first concern in the study is, “just how much time do you invest in a common post?” Discovering the response to that concern was among our primary inspirations for doing this. We understood that our posts were generally 4-6 hours of work; however, a lot of blog sites were investing much less time.

Composing the concerns: 1 hour.

1.Investigating study tools: 2 hours.

2.Structure lists: 4 hours.

3.Outreach: 60 hours.

4.Analysis: 8 hours.

5.Modifying and composing: 4 hours.

6.Style and Execution: 15 hours.…